Likes intellectual property systems in the world, settling dispute and handling IPR infringement is crucial in the IP system in Vietnam. The registration and protection of intellectual property objects in Vietnam will not be valid without a complete system for dispute resolution and enforcement of IPR protection in Vietnam.

With experience, VCCI – IP has become the first and reliable choice in settling disputes and handling violations of intellectual property rights in Vietnam. VCCI – IP has cooperated effectively with the competent authorities of Vietnam (National Office of Intellectual Property, Inspectors, Economic Police, Vietnam Competition Authority – Ministry of Trade and Industry, Marketing Management Bureau, Customs, Arbitration Center and Court) to implement enforcement measures to ensure that intellectual property rights of our customers are protected in line with their business target and strategy in the market.

Currently, VCCI – IP are providing services related to the settlement of disputes and handling of infringement of intellectual property rights, including:

Appealing against decisions of refusal of grant of Protection Titles for intellectual property objects

  • Providing legal advices on appeal procedure and chance of success in filing appeal;
  • Preparing Petitions of Appeal and required evidence;
  • Lodging the Petitions of Appeal;
  • Expediting the settlement of the Appeals.

Opposing the issue of Protection Titles for industrial property objects

  • Watching and informing clients of possible oppositions;
  • Providing legal advices on opposition proceeding;
  • Preparing Petitions of Opposition and required documents;
  • Lodging the Petitions of Opposition;
  • Expediting the consideration of opposition grounds.

Canceling validity of Protection Titles for industrial property objects

  • Providing legal advices on cancellation actions;
  • Preparing Cancellation Trials and required documents;
  • Lodging Cancellation Trials;
  • Expediting the settlement of the Cancellation Trials.

Providing legal advices and representing for clients in IPR enforcement, include but not limited to the following services

  • Requesting State Competent Authority to assess and conclude on the violation of intellectual property objects
  • Identifying, investigating violators, negotiating and requesting the violators to cease the violation;
  • Requesting State Competent Authorities to handle violations;
  • Requesting Customs to apply control measures as to exports and imports related to Intellectual Property;
  • Participating in the proceedings as lawyers to protect the rights and interests of clients regarding intellectual property in a competent court.