VCCI Intellectual Property Sole Member Company Limited, abbreviated as VCCI-IP CO., LTD is the first and leading intellectual property agency in Vietnam, belonging to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The history of our firm dates back to 1984, once after the establishment of the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property in 1982, the VCCI was authorized by the Government to set up an industrial property agency named the Patent and Trademark Bureau (P& TB) to represent exclusively for the registration and protection of foreign-related industrial property matters in Vietnam. Until the end of the 1980’s, we had been the sole industrial property agency.

Our firm has changed the name to VCCI-IP CO., LTD since February, 2007. During about 30 years of practice, we have been continuously developing and enhancing the professional manner with the firmly asserted position as one of the largest and most prestigious: IP agencies in Vietnam. In addition, VCCI-IP has always completed successfully our mission as the representative of business community in the activities of commerce and investment promotion, especially in the task of consulting and assisting domestic and foreign enterprises to register and protect intellectual property rights and promote technology transfer as well.

VCCI-IP always strives for enhancing the professional manner in international standards in the course of provision of legal and technical services VCCI-IP has cooperated with about 700 international law firms, represented for more than 1000 clients including many international leading corporations, multinational companies, etc. VCCI-IP is also a member of International Associations such as the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the Asian patent Attorneys Association (APAA), etc. With a strong team of more than 60 experienced and devoted lawyers, attorneys and technical experts in various fields, VCCI-IP always commits itself to bringing the best services based on close and timely coordination with clients in establishing and protecting effectively intellectual property rights in Vietnam and foreign countries.


We provide a full range of technical and legal services in intellectual property in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar including:

  • Prosecution of applications for patent, industrial design, trademark and copyright protection;
  • Patent; industrial design and trademark search.
  • Licensing, franchising, and assignment.
  • Patent annuity and design/trademark renewal.
  • Oppositions, cancellations, litigations.
  • Infringement, unfair competition, and anti-counterfeiting measures.